This applet deals 7-card stud hands and keeps track of how many of each type of hand is made. Also, you can set the three target hands on the right side to determine the approximate odds for filling out various starting hands. To set the target hands, click and drag on the various cards to scroll through a selection. Up/down sets the suit, left/right sets the rank. To change the target hand, (flush, straight, etc.) click and drag the word left or right to scroll through selection.

To start/stop the hands dealing click on the red/green dot in the upper left of the applet.

When the dealing is stopped, you can deal one hand by clicking on the white dot.

It takes quite a while to get any kind of accurate odds reading, so disregard the numbers until a couple-hundred thousand hands are dealt. (You better be using Mac's MRJ for your virtual machine!, everything else is a dog.)